EU Referendum

Yes, Plebiscite is taking place today (June 23rd) in EU referendum. There is a topic of debate happening around United Kingdom is Will London be in solitude? If Britain votes to leave the European Union.

Now the situation is does British has a higher chance to leave the European Union? Those who favour British withdrawal from the European Union – commonly referred to as a Brexit. The people who favour membership argue that in a world with many supranational organisations any loss of sovereignty will be compensated by the benefits of EU Membership.

United Kingdom Vs European Union


There are only two kinds of people who are staying here right now. Can anyone guess?

One side of people who want to leave EU and other side of people who doesn’t want to leave EU.

Now we have enough details to convince you who wants to leave EU. They will argue if it would happen: allow the UK to better immigration control thus reducing pressure on public services, housing and jobs; save billions in EU membership fees; allow the UK to make its own trade deals; and free the UK from EU regulations and bureaucracy that they see as needless and costly

United Kingdom exit

Then we have a strong thought of people who argue for not leaving EU: risk the UK’s prosperity; diminish its influence over world affairs; jeopardise national security by reducing access to common European criminal databases; and result in trade barriers between the UK and the EU. In particular, they argue that it would lead to job losses, delays in investment into the UK and risks to business

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