Dating a blogger

A Common thing which we knew about girls is that they expect fantasy in their life. Especially to select their better half they wish to have something fantasy with ‘someone special’ for them.

Most of them would ask me now whether blogger makes her life special. Probably my reply will be ‘YES’

Why can’t?

I didn’t mean that every girl should date a blogger but dating a blogger helps you to have some delightful experience.

I personally believe that bloggers have all the qualities which a girl could expect. I can bet you that after reading this you will strongly agree with my point that bloggers are the best date a girl can ever have.

Usually, after marriage a girl would try to change her life for her partner but in this case it is not needed that girl should change her life to entertain her partner instead her partner (blogger) will show her what is life? what is love? and bla bla.

I have come up with some qualities of blogger which would definitely impress a girl. Generally most of the girls hope for these qualities in their partners.

Permissive he is:

A girl wants her better half to be more permissive and open minded. She doesn’t like a boyfriend who sticks to his own thinking instead she likes a boy who respects her ideas and thinking’s.

Bloggers are normally a out of box thinker which means they are open minded. They welcome change happily. Understanding one’s partner holds a relationship for long term.

Uprightness is their character:

Uprightness, what I mean here is honesty. While crossing this word i could remember one line thing is “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY”. Bloggers are too honest in their work if it so think the level of their honest with their lovers. Just imagine!

Regular Good morning/Good night texts:

A single good morning and good night message will make her day too cute and pretty. Bloggers have a habit to post regularly which means if you are in a relationship with a blogger, they will message you regularly without fail.

Surprise gifts like a cinema lover:

Would you like surprises? Yes, everyone would like it. That also from our ‘special one’. Usually bloggers would think to impress their readers by attractive blog posts and try to drive more traffic to their blog. So he doesn’t forget to impress you with attractive surprises.

Financially secured life it is:

Not all bloggers earnings are good. Only efficient bloggers can earn and reach their target visitors. But most of them are keen in reaching it. So in all way bloggers can satisfy your materialistic needs. To be secured in life, not bank employee’s earnings are good but also bloggers are better than those others.

Finally, I would like to say that bloggers are their own boss. So he will be available whenever you need him, whenever he needs you.

You can take this is my ‘Free advice’. Just try to date a blogger you will feel good and comfortable.

I may forget to mention some more good qualities of bloggers here. So if you find anything I missed out here don’t forget to mention in comments.