Mistakes - Which fresher should avoid during job hunt

Every one of us would face this situation at least once in life after walking out from final year of college life.

Employees – Just rewind, Visualize the path through which you came through!

Fresher       – Make yourself clean and clear by eying on each step.

It was propaganda when uncountable numbers of students were placing in IT Company before few years but now fingers are enough to count the students who are getting placed. Isn’t it?

Don’t think IT Companies are the only career to go behind!

We used to ‘WUHOO’ when we crack any big things after a long fight; you would say ‘WUHOO’ after reading this blog. Just correct your tiny errors to be successful in career.

Fresher- Justify the word:

Why people call you ‘FRESHERS’? Freshness within you is your strength so don’t act as if you are known all as well don’t act as if are ‘ZERO’. Open your mind to learn everything new, which may be either a media, Journalism, engineering, small business, self employment.

Stick in one sector:

‘Bla Bla Bla’, stuffs makes you unreal in career. Stick on one idea and hit it. After walking out from college just spent some months of time to choose or find your interest to show your unknown strength.

Appearing Uninterested:

Picking a parcel in not enough, have to deliver in right place at right time. Uninterested deletes your freshness. As we say earlier stick on the term which your heart says.

Needed more ADDICTION:

ADDICTION, isn’t a bad word? Not at all. Try to be more addictive in online. It may be anything like social media, news, and technical blogs. At any instant you could fall in love with something if you fell on, and then stick on it.

No professional needed. Be casual in walk and talk!

A Free advice by a trespasser J